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It is now after the big feast of a holiday called Thanksgiving, I pray you all are in great health and mind, and are preparing for a detox! Apologies, this should have went up the day before or the day of but once you get with family it’s hard to do anything except enjoy the time given!

I traveled to Charlotte, NC to be with my mom. I was very bothered by the fact that my grandfather couldn’t be there, but he assured me he’d be fine and he was well taken care of by one of his neighbors as far as food is concerned. My brother was in Charlotte with us as well.

Let me paint a picture for you of Thanksgiving or any family holiday for that matter prior to 2 years ago…simply put, it was never just my mom, my brother and I. Do not read this wrong, any time with them is a blessing in which I am forever grateful & thankful for, it’s just that you miss the way things used to be. When people move on from this physical life, or move away, it’s kind of hard to keep traditions going I guess. I need to have children to add to the mix lol.

Needless to say, I am thankful! I am thankful for the love of family whether near or far, I am thankful for growing up around all of my family and seeing how important it is to have those moments in order to have those memories, I am thankful for my mom and the time & energy she put into making sure we were well fed and happy, I am thankful I was able to take the trip down to her, I will be even more thankful when she is much more closer to us.

I am thankful for life and this journey I am on, I am thankful for my nephews and the joy they bring to my whole entire being, I am thankful for my health and the time and dedication I put in to make sure I’m caring for my mind/body/spirit in the most natural ways possible, I am thankful to be able to share what I learn through my research and personal experiences…in hopes of helping others, I am thankful for my new job though it could be temporary and I’m slightly overwhelmed but I will take each work day head on and learn what I can!

I am thankful for nature and what it teaches you if you pay close attention, I am thankful for so much that the list could go on and on, but most importantly I am thankful for the titles that have been given to me; daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, best friend, and soon enough…wife & mother!

It’s not about the food, which we intake way too much of, but about the gifts we are given…which despite a holiday, we should be thankful for every single day. So today, as you are reading this, I ask you “what are you thankful for TODAY?!”


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Thanks-Giving: more than a holiday!

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It’s been quite awhile since I did a post like this, and I want to do them more frequently to show women that we are no different from the women in the magazines! Just open your magazine, then your closet and get inspired!!!

Flipping through the October/November Issue of People Stylewatch, I came across an article “How To: A Pleated Midi” and I thought to myself that I have a pleated skirt! Step 1…✔ I also have a white tee, a turtleneck, a vest, a a denim shirt!

Let it be known, you don’t have to have the exact colors or clothing, the exact shoes, or anything exact for that matter, you just need inspiration.

Let’s start with the pleated skirt and white tee…

My pleated skirt is knee length, I added a denim jacket to my look for a more put together look, I am holding my shades instead of wearing them, obviously because it’s dark outside…BUT you see the inspiration!

Denim Jacket: Thrifted

Pleated Skirt: Thrifted

Handbag: Vegan Leather, Nordstrom Rack

Sneakers: Asics

Next we have the pleated skirt with denim shirt…

Denim Shirt: Guess

Handbag: Olivia + Joy (thrifted)

Shoes: BCBG (thrifted)

Lastly, we have the pleated skirt with turtleneck and vest…

Vest: Petite Sophisticate

Turtleneck: Brooks Brothers (thrifted)

Shoes: Thrifted

All the pieces I have on, I already had, I did not have to purchase for this post. Imagine what amazing looks you have hanging in your closet, but you say you have nothing to wear! Which look was your favorite? Let me know in the comments…thanks so much for stopping by 💋

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A Look Inspired

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Good Morning! Which of you dolls aren’t subscribed to my channel yet? Do you love fashion? Beauty? Tips on (natural) skincare? Tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle? Then join me at the Dollhouse ❤ I am getting close to 300 subscribers, and at 500 I am doing a big giveaway 🤗 so tell a friend to tell a friend!!!

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If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you may know that I am dealing with a fibroid situation. Instead of having surgery, which I don’t feel is the only option, I started seeking natural ways to heal my body on my own. Through my research Hempseed was mentioned as an overall health booster. Hempseed can be pretty expensive depending on where you purchase from so it took me some time to actually acquire some. In TJMaxx one day I stumbled across a package from the brand OMG Organic and it was on clearance for $7.00, the cheapest I had seen it. For the past 2 to 3 weeks I have been adding the hempseed to my bottle of purified water, and I drink that 5 days a week.

At the time I started, I had breakouts on my face, and I noticed it clearing up throughout the time frame of drinking the hempseed and water so I decided to do a bit of research on the benefits of hempseed, let’s discuss….

Hempseed are seeds from the hemp plant or Cannibas Sativa. No these seeds will not get you high, the seeds contain a small trace of THC (TetraHydroCannabinoids), approximately 0.3% to 1.5%.

GLA, a necessary building block for certain prostaglandins, is found in Hempseed. GLA rich foods have been noticed to help people with:

ADHD, heart disease, obesity, PMS, and skin allergies

Hempseed oil is known to relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Hempseed is high in fiber, it can relieve constipation and feeds the probiotics in your gut.

Hempseed oil can help to improve dry skin and inflammation caused by eczema.

Hempseed is another source high in omega 3-fats (healthy fats)

Lastly, hempseeds are known to improve high blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

With all of these great benefits, why not incorporate hempseed into your diet and lifestyle?


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Hempseed…why you need them!

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I have worked in retail off and on for 13 years now, and I have seen it all. People who don’t work in retail will never understand the mindset of an individual who does. As someone in a non management position, you experience so much more when it comes to customers. There are about a handful of sweet and pleasant experiences, then there are the liars…manipulaters…indecisive…non parental but have kids…and the “I’m always right!” customers.

Today I just want to share with you all some things to make everyone’s shopping experience better, you as the customer and me as the employee.

1. Go shopping with a plan or idea of what it is you want and actually truly need. Why come in a store to fill up your entire cart, only to get 2 to 3 items and leave the rest for me to put back? Oh wait, I know, you’re giving me work to do so I won’t be bored! Try again…

2. Be a parent! Watch your child/children…it is NOT, I repeat NOT my job or any other employees job to watch your child/children for you while you shop. I don’t know how many times a child has come up to me lost, can’t find their parent, 1 year olds damn near out the front door…ALONE!

3. Do not ask me my opinion more than 2x about 1 item. I am the most honest person when it comes to buying, I will not have you wasting money then blame me and try to return something. So, if I say the outfit is fly, the handbag is perfect, etc, just go with it!

4. Do not complain to me or any other employees about pricing, policies or any other matter we have no control over. Especially if you are a frequent shopper and have prior knowledge of said issues, I DIDN’T DO IT!


5. At a very early age the majority of us learned to put things back where and how we found it. Let’s reminisce on those times and remember how much trouble we got into if we didn’t put stuff back where and how we found it. As a merchandiser, that annoys me on a whole other level!

I hope we all have a better understanding of each other now 😊 and hopefully during your next shopping trip you’ll take some of the mentioned into consideration. If you work in retail and have anymore tips on How To Shop, let me know!!!


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How To Shop…

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Hello…Hello…Hello!!! A couple of weeks ago I did a Fall Fashion 2017 Look Book on my YouTube channel. I put 4 looks together, focusing on color…fabrication…and weather. Let’s face it, some days it will be unseasonably warm and the next ridiculously cold. So, I think that’s how we need to approach this season.

Every year you may see subtle changes with fashion from season to season but a few key things remain the same, one being color. For Fall you want to be inspired by nature, especially in the early parts of the season. Look at the leaves from the trees and start there. You have colors like burnt orange, dark red, brown…and the grass gets a little darker green.

Next is texture! Fabrication gets heavier, you have heavier denim, suede, corduroy, and layering is key!

When it comes to Fall Fashion, stick to these trends, they will never change! That way you won’t have to break the bank buying every year. Out of the 4 looks I posted 3 things are new, the green corduroy jacket, the black shoes with the studs and the coat I’m holding in the last look…and all 3 were thrifted! I spent less than 20 dollars for all three.

Before I go, I want to share key items you need in your wardrobe for Fall/Winter:

Cable Knit and Infinity scarves

A trench coat

A leather jacket

Knee boots (black & brown)


Faux leather pants



Ok, let’s just start there…I don’t want to overwhelm you. I hope that I have inspired you with my Fall fashion, and if you have anything to add please leave me a comment,  I would love to hear from you 💋

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Fall Fashion 2017

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Hey dolls! Gents, welcome 😙…so here it is 2017 and I have had the hardest time maintaining length to my nails for 3 years or so now. My most prized nail moment was 2014 when my nails looked like this…

I have tried everything I could think of, doing all the same things, and nothing. Fast forward to a month ago when I took the tips and acrylic off that I had on for over a month…

You can’t see it but my nail beds look horrible, still do! The only thing I had going for me was that my nails were so hard despite having the acrylic on and that’s because once my nails started growing, I applied nail strengthener under my nail. I vowed from that moment on I would get back focused on the health and growth of my nails because I want my 2014 nails back.

I know some may think they are just nails, it’s not that serious but I beg to differ. Your nails say a lot about your overall health. Issues with your heart, liver, or lungs can reflect through your nails. Anemia, psoriasis, hepatitis, diabetes, you name it, your nails can be the first sign to these diseases. Also, presentation is everything. As an entrepreneur in the beauty field, before I put my best foot forward, I want to put my best hands forward.

So, how do I care for my nails? Every two weeks I do a detailed manicure, every week I do an almond oil nail soak, I keep nail hardner on and under my nails, I give me nails and day to breath, I eat very healthy, and drink water all day long.  Here are the products I’m using…


The Up & Up Target brand is the one I’ve been using for years…I usually have the one pictured which is the strengthening one and I have the green one, but I tried out the soak off one, I do not like it…its horrible for natural nails, very drying.  The green one from the Up & Up brand I use first to remove my polish because it has more acetone than the one pictured, and I use the one pictured last because it is the strenthening one.


I always have 2 nail boards (one for work, one for home), one is less abrasive, the other you can really get a great shape with. If your nails are weak, stay away from the black boards they are more so for gel nails. I have a nail file for cleaning under the nail, cuticle sticks to push back my cuticles and to clean up polish, and a cuticle clipper,  because I believe in doing so. I’ve been doing it for so long, I’m self taught with a lot of my personal care.  Pushing back cuticles only does so much but please have a professional clip your cuticles if you are new the nail care game.


I’ve been using this brand of cuticle cream for 3 years, and usually I have the Orly cuticle oil which does wonders not only for the cuticles but your nails as well. The Gelish brand is ok to me, I saw more of a difference with the Orly brand.  When pushing back your cuticles you want to do so with some form or cream so that they are softened, and you need cuticle oil to keep the moisture sealed in.


Yep even though it’s just me, I clean my cleansing tools every time with…


The first three never change, I know these products work because they got me to my 2014 nails. The topcoats change, I was a huge fan of the NYC In A New York Minute Topcoat because it dries so quick and my polish lasted so long.  I always add garlic pieces to my nail hardner as a strengthener, the Maximum Growth does exactly what it says it will, and the blue bottle of hardener is more like a gel polish.

The only thing I’ve had to change is my Hair/Skin/Nails vitamins. I was using Nature’s Bounty until I found out Soy can be very bad for the body and since I am dealing with a fibroid issue I’ve had to eliminate a lot from my body. Most Hair/Skin/Nail vitamins have soy so please be mindful. The brand I use now is…

They seem to be working well, and I feel good in knowing there is no soy.

Here is how my nails have been growing the past 4 weeks…

And now…

You can follow me on my nail journey on Instagram,

I hope you found this post informative, thank you so much for reading!


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Mission 2014 Nails In Full Effect