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I have worked in retail off and on for 13 years now, and I have seen it all. People who don’t work in retail will never understand the mindset of an individual who does. As someone in a non management position, you experience so much more when it comes to customers. There are about a handful of sweet and pleasant experiences, then there are the liars…manipulaters…indecisive…non parental but have kids…and the “I’m always right!” customers.

Today I just want to share with you all some things to make everyone’s shopping experience better, you as the customer and me as the employee.

1. Go shopping with a plan or idea of what it is you want and actually truly need. Why come in a store to fill up your entire cart, only to get 2 to 3 items and leave the rest for me to put back? Oh wait, I know, you’re giving me work to do so I won’t be bored! Try again…

2. Be a parent! Watch your child/children…it is NOT, I repeat NOT my job or any other employees job to watch your child/children for you while you shop. I don’t know how many times a child has come up to me lost, can’t find their parent, 1 year olds damn near out the front door…ALONE!

3. Do not ask me my opinion more than 2x about 1 item. I am the most honest person when it comes to buying, I will not have you wasting money then blame me and try to return something. So, if I say the outfit is fly, the handbag is perfect, etc, just go with it!

4. Do not complain to me or any other employees about pricing, policies or any other matter we have no control over. Especially if you are a frequent shopper and have prior knowledge of said issues, I DIDN’T DO IT!


5. At a very early age the majority of us learned to put things back where and how we found it. Let’s reminisce on those times and remember how much trouble we got into if we didn’t put stuff back where and how we found it. As a merchandiser, that annoys me on a whole other level!

I hope we all have a better understanding of each other now 😊 and hopefully during your next shopping trip you’ll take some of the mentioned into consideration. If you work in retail and have anymore tips on How To Shop, let me know!!!


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The most peaceful exercise: WALKING

Good Afternoon!  Today I want to share with you why I enjoy walking.  I am not talking about when I walk to the bus stop, or walk from the car to the house, but really walking.

There are a few workout routines I have designed for myself, but I find the most peace during my walks.  Where I live there is a path to the church, I wanted to see exactly where the church was one day so I walked towards the area and noticed my new meditation space.  It’s filled with trees, which makes it even more of an oasis.

I started out walking around 2x, most recently I added speed walking and running.  I now walk around once, then speed walk, then run twice.  In walking this path, all you hear and feel is nature, it’s a great way to meditate.

The troubles of the world literally seem miles away when this is your scenery.  The deer have come out and peeked a bit, I admit it startled me, I thought the rustling was a squirrel.  You never know what you may witness, but you’ll walk away more open to what nature has to offer!

Source energy of course has to beam it’s magnificence down on you…

So if I don’t feel it in me to do one of the routines I put together for a workout, I just lace up my sneakers, grab my water and go for a walk!

If you have trouble sleeping, go for a walk…feeling stressed, walk it out…need to close out the noise, go for a walk!  Your heart will thank you…your energy level will increase…and so much more!!!


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Let’s talk: Fibroids & Soy

Well hello there!  It has been quite some time, yes I know…blogging was still going on, mostly on Instagram as visual blogs.  If you aren’t following me by all means please do, @helloiamtiadanielle.  It is 2017, Happy New Year…I wish you all many blessings and much success.  Last year I found out some information about myself in which I will be sharing with you.

Fibroids, what do you know about them? Does anyone you know have them? Had them?  Well according to doctors, it is something that is common in women of color.  What’s funny to me is that they just want you to be OK with that statement, and that they can’t tell you why it happens.  Well once I found out I had 3 of them, 2 smaller ones behind my uterus and 1 bigger one in front of my uterus, I was devastated.  Devastated because I felt my most precious space had been invaded, thoughts of not being able to have a child took over.

Long story short, it is very possible to have children, it is suggested that you have them removed before getting pregnant.  What have I decided?  I will share with you all after I share with my doctor.  Until then, let me break down what exactly fibroids are and why I believe soy is the connection.

Fibroids are benign tumors that surround or attach themselves to the female reproductive system.  The tumors are not associated with cancer and do not raise the raise the risk of cancer of the uterus. ‘It is believed’ that each tumor develops from an abberant muscle cell in the uterus, which multiplies rapidly because of the influence of estrogen. 


What I found out about soy is that it raises your estrogen levels.  I then had to figure what I was consuming consistently that contained soy.  There are many foods and products out on the market with soy and soy lecitin, it can be very hard to weed out the problem.  I soon realized that one thing I was consuming consistently for two years was my hair/skin/nails vitamins, contained soy.  You have to realize that after consuming 2-3 vitamins just about every day for that long could be a factor.  I have since switched brands, but as I stated there is soy in everything, so now what?

Anything in large consumption is not good for you, so I just pay even more attention to ingredients and try not to eat foods often with soy.  Do I know if this is helping stop the growth of the fibroids? Will they shrink?  I do not know and I pray so.  My next appointment will be to check on them and discuss what I want to do about them.

When it comes to eating soy there are so many articles on how bad it is for you, it’s hard to decipher.  I will do a more detailed post on Fermented (good) and Unfermented (bad) soy.

Thank you so much to all of you are still followers of my blog, and to anyone new reading this and decides to follow, you are appreciated!  As always, I hope my stories and information help in some way…until next time 😘

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Hiatus Is Over!

Good morning!  I pray all is well…yes I am alive and well.  I took a much needed break from everything I was doing, I was very unsure about a lot, I still am.  When things don’t seem to go according to our plans…how we feel they should go, we tend to back away thinking maybe it isn’t for us…well at least that’s how I feel a lot of times.  I got my job, got my place to live and started to feel like I needed to just focus on work and what was currently happening around me because even though I was blogging and youtubing, nothing was happening from it.  I envision my future a lot, and I often wonder if what I am doing is manifesting that future or not.

As I’ve stated before, it seems that when I am out of work I go so hard with what I feel I have a passion for.  Why don’t I have that same feeling when I do have a job?  Why do I allow something I know I won’t be doing forever stop me from doing what I want to do forever?  Does that mean that maybe what I felt like I was meant to do was really just a hobby for me?  IDK!!!  These are the things I’ve been trying to figure out and honestly I still have no answers, I don’t think *insert confused face emoji*

My birthday just passed, I am 36 now!  I am truly grateful and thankful for the space I am in in my life.  I am healthy, I am alive, I have people who love and care about me.  I still have faith I will be married and have babies, I just wish and pray I figure out my career path.  If blogging/writing is it, then what’s next?  If being a YouTuber is it then what do I do next to get to the next level?  If having a successful podcast show is it, let me know!!!

I know y’all are probably like damn Daniel you don’t have this figured out yet???!!!  Nope I don’t…but trust and believe one thing I do know is that I deserve to win and to be great and that I am supposed to help people in some way shape or form.  I am not sure if I am back blogging or if I just needed to share this…maybe someone just needed to read this to help themselves…who knows!

No matter what, per usual, I thank you all for reading!  You are AWESOME 😘

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Life Update!!!

Good morning!  I pray you all are well…so based on the title you know what’s in store.  Last month I ended it off feeling extremely emotional, jobless, and unsure of a lot.  Let’s start off with EMOTIONAL!

I am better…I am coping much better, I’m not sure what bought about this change, maybe prayer…maybe journaling…who knows!  I still get sad, I did actually cry last week I believe and I know those moments will happen, but I control my thoughts about it better.  For that I am truly thankful, and pray I continue on this path because being that down and lost emotionally is hard and at times you don’t see an out from it.

JOBLESS…not anymore!  Yep, I acquired a part time job (for now).  It is in retail, that’s always where I am.  It is at a thrift store, or shall I say “Value Store” because thrift stores are nothing like they used to be.  This place stays busy…I am a cashier, and within my years of retail I’ve never been designated to an area so this is new and tiring but per usual I am learning to adjust.  My focus with this job is to find a place to live besides being able to care for myself.  I need to find a place very soon because my grandfather will be moving into a smaller place and I have my stuff from storage in here now, plus I have more stuff from storage at a friend’s and that’s got to go within a week or two.

My fear with working a job and on a career at the same damn time has always been that my career goals will get put on the back burner and I won’t have the time to dedicate to it, it’s happened plenty of times.  I have to be mindful of this and tell myself not to let that happen.  It’s been two and a half weeks so far and I think I’ve been keeping up ok with my blog posts and youtubing.  I just try to do youtube videos on my days off and blog either late night after work or early in the morning like I am now.

Am I still of UNSURE of a lot?  Yes!  but I keep FAITH in knowing this uncertainty won’t last, everything that is happening is within purpose and what I’m destined for, my dreams, will most certainly be my reality one day soon.  I just want my grandmother to continue to smile that smile and be happy for me.  I didn’t get a chance to succeed in her presence but I still must succeed!

Well that’s whats been happening this month…my life update in a nutshell.  Let’s see what the next month shall bring!!!  Thank you all so much for reading, you’re AWESOME!

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Life Update…

Good evening!  I have decided that at the end of the month I will share my life update with you all.  I want to be as open with you all as I am comfortable with, because within my story could be the help someone else needs.  Honestly, I also can’t keep all that I am feeling and experiencing bottled up, so it’s a win win situation by doing this.  I promise not to make these posts too long, just going to give an overview.

Let’s see…so most of you know by now that my grandmother passed away, November 7th, 2015.  Well, I am still staying at my grandparents place and I  stayed in Maryland because I hoped to find a job so that I could save up some money and get a little spot of my own.  In the mean time I also thought I’d be helping by being around for my grandfather.  I mostly cook dinner meals, take him to the doctor, help with banking and grocery shopping.  Never did I think that being here would be this hard to deal with.  I’ve honestly become an emotional mess, I am not coping well with my grandmother not being here.  I think about her everyday, sometimes all day if I’m just sitting around, which happens a lot because I still haven’t found a job.

I try to stay busy blogging, youtubing, social media posting and try not to think about the past year and a half of my life.  Even though I consume myself with what I plan on doing as a career, as of right now I am not making any money so to many all of this starts looking like a hobby.  I think sometimes that I haven’t found a job as of yet because I’m supposed to be putting in the hours for my career goals…but then how do I take care of myself daily?

I have started reading more and journaling just about everyday, I meditate every morning and try to do Yoga about 3-4 times a week.  These are the positives, but my brother says I need to get out and enjoy life.  I must admit, I have been telling myself that I am happy doing what I do everyday but honestly I want to be somewhat of the girl I used to be.  I used to love going out but situations have me feeling like that’s impossible.   Does anyone out there understand?

Well this is my life update, in a nutshell.  I’m still applying to jobs in Maryland even though I am thinking I should go back to Charlotte.  I pray about it, ask for signs…answers.  Until then I shall keep blogging, youtubing and promoting myself because I know there is a purpose in all of this.  If any of you are going through something similar and want to share, please do!

Thank you all for reading, you’re AWESOME!!!

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