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Hey there! So, do you love makeup but aren’t quite sure how to apply…especially highlight and contour? Well my latest video is the one you need to watch! It’s very beginner friendly, showing you the basics. Don’t forget to thumbs up the video and subscribe to my channel for more!


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Good Morning!!! Yes…Yes…Yes, I have returned to this form of blogging but do know I have not stopped blogging. Hopefully some of you follow me on social media, I have been focusing on that form of blogging, if you aren’t following me please do…I will leave the info at the end of this post.

I was in TJMaxx to get deodorant…how I left with $40 plus dollars of items, within 2 trips, is beside me.

One of the items was the Ellen Tracy Liquid Lipstick collection.

I saw this rose gold tin can and was intrigued. I opened it up and behold, 4 beautiful nude lippies. Now, I have not tried any of her lipglosses just a few of her lipsticks which I have been pleased with. The liquid lipsticks come in glass bottles which is tre’ chic to me, the all around presentation is worth more than the product is sold for.

Do you see what I mean? Now here are the swatches…





Those are just one swipe swatches! Can we say pigmented? These liquid lipsticks dry to a non budging matte…

They aren’t going anywhere…now, we have seen the packaging, the pigmentation, beautiful swatches, matte drying, now for the price…


I told you! You are getting a great deal with this product. So, the next time you are in TJMaxx, look for these.

I have only swatches these lippies, I have not worn them yet but I am sure I will be just as pleased. Following me on my social media will let you in on more ⤵

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Ellen Tracy Liquid Lipstick Swatches

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Aloe: Benefits, Uses, & more!

Hello all!  Today I want to share with you why aloe is the plant to have and the juice to drink.

Here is a tiny bit of back story about Aloe.  Aloe comes from tropical climates and used for medicinal/agricultural purposes.  Between America, Europe, Asia, and Africa there are 240 varieties of aloe.

I was introduced to the aloe plant at a very young age because my grandfather had a garden and loves his plants and herbs. Anytime you get a cut, burn, or scrape, aloe is your fixer upper.  A couple of weeks ago my nephew broke out in a rash on our way to New York.  I had pieces of the leaf on me and rubbed the gel on every spot, by the time we reached New York his skin was clear!

Over the past few years it seems like this plant that’s been around for many years, is now getting the recognition it deserves. You no longer have to go to plant shops or home improvement stores to purchase them, they now sell huge aloe leafs in grocery stores in some states.

When it comes to using aloe internally like with aloe juice, I would suggest purchasing the ones that are at health food stores or in the pharmacy section of your grocery store.  Dr. Axe of says that in approved commercial products, there is a certification program that validates the quality & quantity of aloe vera.

I started using it all over my skin in 2012.  I have always been into skincare so I would buy the plant from Home Depot, pick the leaf, open it up and put the gel all over then apply lotion.  It was very time consuming so that didn’t last long.  Now I am back doing it again but I only apply to my face and sometimes the back of my hands and cuticles.

On the face it acts as a mask which you can leave on for about 20 minutes and wash off.  I leave it on my face, the gel tightens up and pulls the skin which I feel will help with wrinkles and fine lines.  Once it tightens I then add oil to moisture.

I also drink aloe vera juice…………

I drink about a half a cup, and what it does for you is help alkaline the body and PH levels, it hydrates, and based on the vitamins and minerals aloe contains; A, C, E, calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium, you are sure to get a nutritional boost.

Other benefits:

-can clear up acne & scars from breakouts (gel)

-detox the liver

-great hair and scalp moisturizer

-heals cold sores

-reduces inflammation (drink)

If you have any preconditioned issues like diabetes or crohns disease, consult with your doctor or simply do your research first!


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