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Black Radiance: Perfect Tone Matte Lip Creme

Welcome back!  This post is a review on the Black Radiance Lip Creme.

I first came across this product in Walmart.  I saw the purple one and fell in love, but I talked myself out of buying it, even with a dollar off coupon on it!  That wasn’t the last time though, I ended up buying the purple one maybe a week later.  The purple is called Living In Violet

From the first swipe of this liquid lip fantasy, I knew I had to have more.  The consistency is that of mousse, creamy, soft, then it drys matte almost instantly.  When it drys it isn’t a skin cracking dry, it’s still smooth.

The same goes for the color in Go Nude

The application was perfect, creamy with a nice matte finish.  The colors look exactly the same from the bottle to the lips.  Now the one I had a problem with was the color Matte Bright

I was very confused with the application for this one, and it may have just been the bottle I purchased, I will be trying it again before making my final decision.  It was very messy, not a smooth application at all.  My lips looked dry and cracked after I applied this color.

I purchased the Go Nude and Matte Bright from Rite Aid for $3.99, they are the same price in Walmart and if you purchase from Black Radiance online.  The color payoff is worth much more than $3.99, the product last for hours after eating and drinking before needing to reapply, at least 3 hours.  To remove these lip cremes you need an oil based remover, I use coconut oil for everything. There are 9 more shades to choose from and the product is cruelty free!

Let me know below if you have tried this product and what your experience was, I would love to hear from you.  Thanks so much for reading!


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Saturday’s Beauty Buys 

Good Morning!!!  Today I am going to share with you the beauty products I purchased this week.  These products are definitely ones that I suggest you purchase as well because they are awesome.

Wet N Wilds Kohl Eyeliner Pencil is my favorite drugstore eyeliner…

I have used a couple different pencils and this one by far is the best, it’s so smooth for a pencil and extremely pigmented.  The cost isn’t bad either, you can find these for $.99 to $1.09 depending.

Now, I am not quite sure what has come over me this year but I now love glitter and anything sparkly.  I love it so much that I started going with the hashtag #sparklenshine.  I own maybe two polishes that are glitter polishes and wanted more.  I picked up this one from Wet N Wild for just $.99.  With the work that I do in retail it is very hard to keep a decent manicure, but I have noticed when I use glitter polish you don’t really notice when it chips.

Told you I love me some glitter now!  I picked up this glitter for the eyes.  The color is Groupie and it’s from the Wet N Wild Coloricon collection.  I have added this to the collection….

Now I have them all…I love this product because it isn’t a powdered type glitter where you will have glitter everywhere.  This product is sticky which is a perfect consistency for application.  I used to use eyeliner pencil all over the area I wanted to apply glitter, it helped it to stick, now I can just apply as is!  Here is a look using the gold glitter…

Lastly, a few weeks ago I picked up this Black Radiance Lip Creme and fell in love!

Now for those who truly know me know that I love me a purple lippie, so I had to have this for that reason alone.  I then used the product and was amazed at the pigmentation.  It goes on as a creme and drys matte, not a dry cracking matte either.  I said I would purchase more and I did, two more actually…

We have Go Nude and Matte Bright, I believe I will be wearing Matte Bright tonight with my makeup look so be sure to follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss the pictures!  Oh, and these lippies are $3.99 😱 great price for the product.


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I survived LENT!

Have you ever contemplated giving something up?  Smoking, Drinking, Sex, certain foods…well I believe a great way to start is participating in Lent.  That is exactly what I did, but first let me explain what Lent is.

Lent is a self discipline practice mostly observed by Catholics and Protestants.  It is 40 days of fasting, counting Monday to Saturday.  So for 6 weeks you say no to whatever you may be weak for.  Culturally it can differ time frame wise, it begins Ash Wednesday and ends either Easter Sunday, the Saturday before Easter, or like this year it ended the Friday before.  I do suggest you read for more detailed information as to why it’s 40 days, etc.

I participated and I am glad I did.  I have always, well most of the time, found comfort in eating cake…muffins…doughnuts…chocolate…and chips like Doritos, now it’s usually during PMS but sometimes not.  At the time I decided to give all of those things up for Lent, I felt like I was going overboard with it.  I am used to giving stuff up cold turkey, I did that for smoking and drinking but I just knew I’d have moments of weakness but I didn’t.  During those 40 days I did not once crave any of it and felt very proud to say no to it if it was offered or if that voice in my head told me to give in.  The experience leads me to believe that it’s all mental, the cravings…you just have to retrain your brain.

The week leading up to the last day was exciting for me because I was starting to feel like I wanted chocolate.  When Lent was over, the first thing I did was get a chunky chocolate chip muffin from Starbucks, yes it tasted the same but I felt bad eating it.  So, I think a change has occurred and I will no longer be weak to those things.

Do you participate in Lent?  What did you give up?

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I’ll Drink To That!

There are many routines that I have with the lifestyle that I live and am continuously creating for myself.  This healthy lifestyle journey is one that I am truly passionate about so I am very mindful of the things that my body consumes, I am by no means a saint, I do have my moments but the good outweighs the bad with me.

There are 3 things I drink almost every single day and I will be sharing them with you today and why.

Lemon Water

I will not tell you that I drink this first thing in the morning when I awake, but it is the first thing I drink in my day.

As most of you know I am a big Fiji water drinker, but I found that I do not enjoy the taste of it with lemon, so I use purified water in this instance.  Any brand of purified water will do, just make sure you add lemon.  Drinking lemon water in the morning, at least 30 minutes before eating, helps to aide with digestion.  There is vitamin C in lemons and as we all know vitamin c is needed for a healthy immune system.  Lemon water helps to flush out your system, and you will notice a boost in energy when lemon water is consumed.

Peppermint Tea & Ginger

First let me share that that the cup you see in this photo is the ONLY cup I drink my tea out of.  It was my grandmothers coffee cup, she drank out of it every morning.  When she passed I keep many things of hers and this was one of them, it’s like I have her with me constantly.

Peppermint tea has similar benefits as lemon water, as in, aiding in digestion…weight loss…and boosts the immune system.  There are many other benefits such as peppermint being a stimulant for relaxation.  Have a fever? Try peppermint tea, the mentol can cause external sweating while cooling the body inside at the same time.  Nausea, bad breath, stress reducer, all the things peppermint tea can help you with.

I add ginger to my tea, and it tastes absolutely amazing.  Ginger is a medicinal root and has anti inflammatory properties.  There have been studies in many areas, with that, ginger may lower cholesterol levels and could possibly improve the function of the brain.  There is an active ingredient in ginger that can assist in helping to fight infections, so if you’re sick then peppermint tea and ginger are the way to go. 


I call this water “life in a bottle”, I love it!

Fiji is an alkaline water, with a PH of 7.7, when looking for an alkaline water you it should have a PH of 7 or higher.  Fiji water just touches the surface of alkalinity, but taste so amazing.  I drink this water all day long, and spend about $15 a week on this water, can we say loyal?

These are the things I make sure to drink every single day to help to have a healthier me.  What are some things you drink every day and why?  Leave me comments and thanks so much for reading 💋.

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Facial Wipes…Yes or No?

There are a few different ways to remove your makeup at night, you can simply wash your face with a cleansing bar which probably won’t leave your face as clean as you’d like…there will be makeup left deep down in your pores and if you aren’t scrubbing/exfoliating, or masking once a week, you are doing your skin a huge disservice.

Many have taken the route of facial wipes, makeup remover wipes, even baby wipes.

Wipes have made removing makeup a breeze, too tired to wash your face? Just grab a wipe a voila, makeup gone.  There are so many options out now, seems like every makeup brand has wipes or makeup removers.  Are these products beneficial or are they doing more damage?

My experience with facial wipes/makeup remover wipes has been a frustrating one because I was looking for an easy route to remove product from my face.  I’ve tried them all it seems,  and every single brand I’ve tried has done the same, make it burn around my eye area.  Have you had that feeling before?  If so, did you ever try to figure out why?  Well I did and that’s why I am here.

I figured it had to be the citric acid, a very common factor in all wipes and the word acid just doesn’t sound good.  Let’s discuss citric acid in makeup wipes…in food is a totally different story!

Citric acid in wipes…they pretty much somehow pull all types of salt from the organic acid and it goes into the wipes for several reasons, mainly to adjust the acid/base balance.  For specific purposes of the salts, check out

Mostly the stuff you are unable to pronounce are salts from citric acid, then some wipes will have alcohol in them which combined with those salts seems very dehydrating for the face.

It is known that the first 5 ingredients listed are the ingredients said product contains the most.  If you read some labels, alcohol will be within the first 5 ingredients.  Even the soothing wipes that have aloe, cucumbers, green tea…all of them irritate my skin.

There are other great options to removing makeup such as steam, milk, actual cucumbers and of course coconut oil.  I am sure there has to be a wipe brand out there that doesn’t contain citric acid, if you know of any let me know in the comments.  Try another safer, healthier method of removing makeup and don’t forget to wash with a cleanser after!

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Good Evening!  It’s product review time…I have 2 products that I purchased and I will be sharing my thoughts on the both of them.

First we have a liquid matte lipgloss…..

The brand is Cherimoya by Max Makeup, and the color is called Lychee.  I purchased this item from TJMaxx and since Marshall’s is a part of the same company, I’m sure you can find it there. The price for this was 2.99!  I am always willing to try out products and brands I have not heard of, at prices like that.

The packaging is very appealing, the bottle is glass with a gold top and gold labeling.  You also get a great amount of product for the price.

The applicator is pretty basic, and you don’t get a lot of product on the applicator which can be a good thing, so you don’t overuse the product.  The feel, look and lasting of this lip gloss is relatively comparible to Colour Pop’s lip gloss.  It’s a matte lip gloss, goes on a bit shiny but dries to a matte finish.  All in all I liked it…so much I just purchased another color!

Next, is this eye shadow palette by Max Studio…

One side you have metallics and the other side flat colors.  I was drawn to this for a couple of reasons, one…I love bronze shadows, neutrals…also, I have another palette from them which I love so I said let me try another.  In my opinion Max Studio does great with shadows but their lipsticks and glosses have been a waste of money for me, even getting them out of TJMaxx for $2.99.

Here is one look I did with the metallic shades…

I loved the outcome, and the application was so smooth, one time and done, the colors are so pigmented. The palette is the Canyon palette, I think these colors are ideal for Spring/Summer.  I did do a look with the flat colors but I didn’t take a pic unfortunately.  Also, the lip color is the gloss I spoke about earlier, with a bold eye like this you want to do something subtle on the lip during the day so why not a nude matte?!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments…thank you so much for reading!


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Caffeine and Anxiety 😖

There was a point in time where I lived off of coffee.  I would drink coffee morning, noon, and night, not realizing the effects it had on my body.  The same goes for chocolate, who doesn’t love chocolate?!  Who knew that the two things I enjoyed the most maybe the cause of defect within my nervous system…..ANXIETY!

I am not saying that I know for a fact that they caused the anxiety but, I do know that one main ingredient can be the cause…..CAFFEINE!



Caffeine is “a stimulant of the central nervous system”.  The nervous system controls taste, smell, hearing, sight, and feeling.  Our ability to think and rationalize is all because of our central nervous system.  According to “caffeine increases energy metabolism throughout the brain but decreases at the same time cerebral blood flow, inducing a relative brain hypoperfusion” “caffeine exerts obvious effects on anxiety and sleep which vary according to individual sensitivity to methylxanthine”.


xanthine is a purine base found in most human body tissues (

-methyl is pretty much a drug, a stimulant 

I used to get really bad migraines and it was suggested to me to drink coffee, the caffeine will help the migraine go away.  As for the anxiety, I stopped drinking coffee in 2014 and switched to having green tea every morning.  I would still experience moments of anxiousness, only to realize green tea naturally has a small dosage of caffeine in it.


I was still eating chocolate not knowing caffeine is in cocoa…mind you, environmental situations can trigger the anxiousness as well, so at some point you have to start weeding things out and that’s what I did.

Present day, my moments of anxiousness have decreased significantly, though PMS brings on chocolate gravings, and as far as green tea goes I have been drinking herbal peppermint tea with ginger every morning for almost 2 years.  I have given up chocolate and other things for lent & have been doing really well.  I have never had to take the medication prescribed to me, if I have moments I just breathe and change my thought pattern.

If you are a coffee drinker, lover of chocolate, or both and find yourself having moments of anxiousness, you now know why.  Lastly, be mindful of your surroundings; family…friends…leisure, all of it affects you and your well being!


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