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The most peaceful exercise: WALKING

Good Afternoon!  Today I want to share with you why I enjoy walking.  I am not talking about when I walk to the bus stop, or walk from the car to the house, but really walking.

There are a few workout routines I have designed for myself, but I find the most peace during my walks.  Where I live there is a path to the church, I wanted to see exactly where the church was one day so I walked towards the area and noticed my new meditation space.  It’s filled with trees, which makes it even more of an oasis.

I started out walking around 2x, most recently I added speed walking and running.  I now walk around once, then speed walk, then run twice.  In walking this path, all you hear and feel is nature, it’s a great way to meditate.

The troubles of the world literally seem miles away when this is your scenery.  The deer have come out and peeked a bit, I admit it startled me, I thought the rustling was a squirrel.  You never know what you may witness, but you’ll walk away more open to what nature has to offer!

Source energy of course has to beam it’s magnificence down on you…

So if I don’t feel it in me to do one of the routines I put together for a workout, I just lace up my sneakers, grab my water and go for a walk!

If you have trouble sleeping, go for a walk…feeling stressed, walk it out…need to close out the noise, go for a walk!  Your heart will thank you…your energy level will increase…and so much more!!!


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Todays Meals! 4/9/15

Hello there!  So, being that this is a lifestyle blog, I bring you topics pertaining to all facets of my life.  Of course I talk about fashion and beauty, share health and wellness tips, now it’s time to share the meals I make from my Meal Plans!

I am sharing this info just to share…maybe you have made a dish I made and didn’t think to use some of the ingredients used or maybe you have some suggestions for me.

We are going to start this off with the most important meal of the day……..

-this morning’s breakfast consisted of homefries, Turkey sausage, and avocado


You can use red or white potatoes, I prefer red…you rinse them off then dice them up, while you’re doing that have your pan on medium with the olive oil…once they are all diced up rinse them off again and then place in pan.  Once the potatoes are in the pan, then slice an onion and add into the pan.  The seasoning now takes place, I use

*garlic powder

Next is the sausage ….the sausage I eat is Butterball Turkey Kielbasa Sausage.


I sliced up some bell peppers: sweet orange, red peppers, and green peppers…along with raw garlic.  I let those cook a bit in olive oil, and then add sliced up sausage and cook until brown on each side.  I did sprinkle cayenne pepper on the sausages, cayenne pepper has anti fungal properties and aids in digestion.

The potatoes cook for about 25 minutes, the sausages for about 15 minutes.   Once everything was complete I cut an avocado in half and placed that on the plate.



-was to consist of Turkey wings, roasted garlic & olive oil couscous, string beans (leftovers), and garlic bread sticks…the couscous was replaced by rice and peas (leftovers)

Take a pack of Turkey wings and rinse them off, get a large pan and put coconut oil all over the pan, the place turkey wings in the pan.

Preheat oven to 400, get your seasonings together and your onions, peppers and garlic.



Seasonings used:
*sea salt
*ground cumin
*garlic powder
*Lemon pepper
*cayenne pepper
*parsley flakes

Cut up the peppers and onions, dice the garlic…season your meat and then add on the garlic, peppers and onions.



Pour coconut oil over the wings and then cover with aluminum foil. Let cook one hour then turn wings over, cook another 45 minutes then take foil off so wings can brown, about 8 minutes on each side.




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