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The most peaceful exercise: WALKING

Good Afternoon!  Today I want to share with you why I enjoy walking.  I am not talking about when I walk to the bus stop, or walk from the car to the house, but really walking.

There are a few workout routines I have designed for myself, but I find the most peace during my walks.  Where I live there is a path to the church, I wanted to see exactly where the church was one day so I walked towards the area and noticed my new meditation space.  It’s filled with trees, which makes it even more of an oasis.

I started out walking around 2x, most recently I added speed walking and running.  I now walk around once, then speed walk, then run twice.  In walking this path, all you hear and feel is nature, it’s a great way to meditate.

The troubles of the world literally seem miles away when this is your scenery.  The deer have come out and peeked a bit, I admit it startled me, I thought the rustling was a squirrel.  You never know what you may witness, but you’ll walk away more open to what nature has to offer!

Source energy of course has to beam it’s magnificence down on you…

So if I don’t feel it in me to do one of the routines I put together for a workout, I just lace up my sneakers, grab my water and go for a walk!

If you have trouble sleeping, go for a walk…feeling stressed, walk it out…need to close out the noise, go for a walk!  Your heart will thank you…your energy level will increase…and so much more!!!


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I survived LENT!

Have you ever contemplated giving something up?  Smoking, Drinking, Sex, certain foods…well I believe a great way to start is participating in Lent.  That is exactly what I did, but first let me explain what Lent is.

Lent is a self discipline practice mostly observed by Catholics and Protestants.  It is 40 days of fasting, counting Monday to Saturday.  So for 6 weeks you say no to whatever you may be weak for.  Culturally it can differ time frame wise, it begins Ash Wednesday and ends either Easter Sunday, the Saturday before Easter, or like this year it ended the Friday before.  I do suggest you read for more detailed information as to why it’s 40 days, etc.

I participated and I am glad I did.  I have always, well most of the time, found comfort in eating cake…muffins…doughnuts…chocolate…and chips like Doritos, now it’s usually during PMS but sometimes not.  At the time I decided to give all of those things up for Lent, I felt like I was going overboard with it.  I am used to giving stuff up cold turkey, I did that for smoking and drinking but I just knew I’d have moments of weakness but I didn’t.  During those 40 days I did not once crave any of it and felt very proud to say no to it if it was offered or if that voice in my head told me to give in.  The experience leads me to believe that it’s all mental, the cravings…you just have to retrain your brain.

The week leading up to the last day was exciting for me because I was starting to feel like I wanted chocolate.  When Lent was over, the first thing I did was get a chunky chocolate chip muffin from Starbucks, yes it tasted the same but I felt bad eating it.  So, I think a change has occurred and I will no longer be weak to those things.

Do you participate in Lent?  What did you give up?

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Caffeine and Anxiety 😖

There was a point in time where I lived off of coffee.  I would drink coffee morning, noon, and night, not realizing the effects it had on my body.  The same goes for chocolate, who doesn’t love chocolate?!  Who knew that the two things I enjoyed the most maybe the cause of defect within my nervous system…..ANXIETY!

I am not saying that I know for a fact that they caused the anxiety but, I do know that one main ingredient can be the cause…..CAFFEINE!



Caffeine is “a stimulant of the central nervous system”.  The nervous system controls taste, smell, hearing, sight, and feeling.  Our ability to think and rationalize is all because of our central nervous system.  According to “caffeine increases energy metabolism throughout the brain but decreases at the same time cerebral blood flow, inducing a relative brain hypoperfusion” “caffeine exerts obvious effects on anxiety and sleep which vary according to individual sensitivity to methylxanthine”.


xanthine is a purine base found in most human body tissues (

-methyl is pretty much a drug, a stimulant 

I used to get really bad migraines and it was suggested to me to drink coffee, the caffeine will help the migraine go away.  As for the anxiety, I stopped drinking coffee in 2014 and switched to having green tea every morning.  I would still experience moments of anxiousness, only to realize green tea naturally has a small dosage of caffeine in it.


I was still eating chocolate not knowing caffeine is in cocoa…mind you, environmental situations can trigger the anxiousness as well, so at some point you have to start weeding things out and that’s what I did.

Present day, my moments of anxiousness have decreased significantly, though PMS brings on chocolate gravings, and as far as green tea goes I have been drinking herbal peppermint tea with ginger every morning for almost 2 years.  I have given up chocolate and other things for lent & have been doing really well.  I have never had to take the medication prescribed to me, if I have moments I just breathe and change my thought pattern.

If you are a coffee drinker, lover of chocolate, or both and find yourself having moments of anxiousness, you now know why.  Lastly, be mindful of your surroundings; family…friends…leisure, all of it affects you and your well being!


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Let’s talk: Fibroids & Soy

Well hello there!  It has been quite some time, yes I know…blogging was still going on, mostly on Instagram as visual blogs.  If you aren’t following me by all means please do, @helloiamtiadanielle.  It is 2017, Happy New Year…I wish you all many blessings and much success.  Last year I found out some information about myself in which I will be sharing with you.

Fibroids, what do you know about them? Does anyone you know have them? Had them?  Well according to doctors, it is something that is common in women of color.  What’s funny to me is that they just want you to be OK with that statement, and that they can’t tell you why it happens.  Well once I found out I had 3 of them, 2 smaller ones behind my uterus and 1 bigger one in front of my uterus, I was devastated.  Devastated because I felt my most precious space had been invaded, thoughts of not being able to have a child took over.

Long story short, it is very possible to have children, it is suggested that you have them removed before getting pregnant.  What have I decided?  I will share with you all after I share with my doctor.  Until then, let me break down what exactly fibroids are and why I believe soy is the connection.

Fibroids are benign tumors that surround or attach themselves to the female reproductive system.  The tumors are not associated with cancer and do not raise the raise the risk of cancer of the uterus. ‘It is believed’ that each tumor develops from an abberant muscle cell in the uterus, which multiplies rapidly because of the influence of estrogen. 


What I found out about soy is that it raises your estrogen levels.  I then had to figure what I was consuming consistently that contained soy.  There are many foods and products out on the market with soy and soy lecitin, it can be very hard to weed out the problem.  I soon realized that one thing I was consuming consistently for two years was my hair/skin/nails vitamins, contained soy.  You have to realize that after consuming 2-3 vitamins just about every day for that long could be a factor.  I have since switched brands, but as I stated there is soy in everything, so now what?

Anything in large consumption is not good for you, so I just pay even more attention to ingredients and try not to eat foods often with soy.  Do I know if this is helping stop the growth of the fibroids? Will they shrink?  I do not know and I pray so.  My next appointment will be to check on them and discuss what I want to do about them.

When it comes to eating soy there are so many articles on how bad it is for you, it’s hard to decipher.  I will do a more detailed post on Fermented (good) and Unfermented (bad) soy.

Thank you so much to all of you are still followers of my blog, and to anyone new reading this and decides to follow, you are appreciated!  As always, I hope my stories and information help in some way…until next time 😘

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Almonds & Cocoa: What a combo!

Good morning!  I pray all is well with you all.  As always I thank you for being so patient with me, and welcome to my new followers.

This post is on my new found favorite skin moisturizing combo.  Usually I just use almond oil on my skin, I have not used cocoa butter in a very long time but I had a stick in my cabinet and said “hey why not?!”, yes I said it out loud to myself lol.

Here’s a bit of background on almond oil that I found to share with you…you may or may not already know this but, almond oils popularity is big in Southeast Asia and the almond tree was domesticated in the Mediterranean region.  The almond kernels and the oil that derives from them, are credited for promoting heart and skin health.

I’ve posted on almond oil before and it’s benefits but let’s review.  Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E which contains loads of antioxidants.  I have been doing almond oil nail soaks for a couple of years now and the benefits in that are that the zinc and b complex vitamins in almond oil help strengthen brittle nails.  I also eat a serving of almonds almost everyday, the oil is rich in fatty acids, also called Oleic acids which are also found in cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter shares many similarities in benefits as almond oil as far as containing beneficial antioxidants and reducing signs of aging and scaring. Cocoa butter can serve as protection for the skin from the environment, acting as a barrier.

I use the stick because it’s in its raw form and doesn’t go on oily/greasy.  I use the stick first all over my body and then add the almond oil over top to seal everything in and for an amazing glow.

With all the amazing benefits that they both share, why not double up?!  For more amazing benefits of almond oil check out and for more on cocoa butter check out

Thanks for stopping by, you all are AWESOME!

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Life Update…

Good evening!  I have decided that at the end of the month I will share my life update with you all.  I want to be as open with you all as I am comfortable with, because within my story could be the help someone else needs.  Honestly, I also can’t keep all that I am feeling and experiencing bottled up, so it’s a win win situation by doing this.  I promise not to make these posts too long, just going to give an overview.

Let’s see…so most of you know by now that my grandmother passed away, November 7th, 2015.  Well, I am still staying at my grandparents place and I  stayed in Maryland because I hoped to find a job so that I could save up some money and get a little spot of my own.  In the mean time I also thought I’d be helping by being around for my grandfather.  I mostly cook dinner meals, take him to the doctor, help with banking and grocery shopping.  Never did I think that being here would be this hard to deal with.  I’ve honestly become an emotional mess, I am not coping well with my grandmother not being here.  I think about her everyday, sometimes all day if I’m just sitting around, which happens a lot because I still haven’t found a job.

I try to stay busy blogging, youtubing, social media posting and try not to think about the past year and a half of my life.  Even though I consume myself with what I plan on doing as a career, as of right now I am not making any money so to many all of this starts looking like a hobby.  I think sometimes that I haven’t found a job as of yet because I’m supposed to be putting in the hours for my career goals…but then how do I take care of myself daily?

I have started reading more and journaling just about everyday, I meditate every morning and try to do Yoga about 3-4 times a week.  These are the positives, but my brother says I need to get out and enjoy life.  I must admit, I have been telling myself that I am happy doing what I do everyday but honestly I want to be somewhat of the girl I used to be.  I used to love going out but situations have me feeling like that’s impossible.   Does anyone out there understand?

Well this is my life update, in a nutshell.  I’m still applying to jobs in Maryland even though I am thinking I should go back to Charlotte.  I pray about it, ask for signs…answers.  Until then I shall keep blogging, youtubing and promoting myself because I know there is a purpose in all of this.  If any of you are going through something similar and want to share, please do!

Thank you all for reading, you’re AWESOME!!!

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Meal Planning

Good day!  So as we all know, I’m sure there are new followers/readers who don’t know, but I live/am working on living an organic…natural…healthy lifestyle.  I am very cautious about what goes in my body.  I  believe that we should be feeding our spirit and allow the spirit to work as it should.  I also believe EVERYTHING we put in affects our chemical make up, yes it’s all scientific.

I do what I can with the finances I have to work with, I patiently await the day I can do much more.  I prefer to to eat organic chicken, all types of fish, ground turkey instead of beef (can’t remember the last time I had beef), and I have a pork chop maybe once a month.  I am working on cutting sugar out of my diet, that will be a task with this new found love I have for waffles…I guess I have to get sugar free syrup.

I am interested in changing the water I drink as well, alkaline water is ideal, and I’ve started cooking with distilled water and not tap water (which reminds me I should use distilled water in the teapot).  There are so many things to think of on a day to day basis with this lifestyle change, and to add on to it in have decided to start meal planning.  Do any of you meal plan???

I want to meal plan because thinking of things to eat day to day is a lot so of I can make a list every 6 days I have one less thing to think about daily.  I am currently working on a list now for the next 6 days and breakfast is my dilemma.  Any organic breakfast ideas?  I want to space things out as well so I don’t consume one of anything too much.


To the left is my work schedule for next week and breakfast ideas.  With the boiled eggs I usually have either turkey sausage or turkey bacon.  To the right is what I have so far for the rest of this week including today.

I hope I’m not in way over my head with this…I just want to be organized and healthy.

Thanks so much for reading…you’re awesome!

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