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beauty, health & wellness, lifestyle, skincare

Aloe: Benefits, Uses, & more!

Hello all!  Today I want to share with you why aloe is the plant to have and the juice to drink.

Here is a tiny bit of back story about Aloe.  Aloe comes from tropical climates and used for medicinal/agricultural purposes.  Between America, Europe, Asia, and Africa there are 240 varieties of aloe.

I was introduced to the aloe plant at a very young age because my grandfather had a garden and loves his plants and herbs. Anytime you get a cut, burn, or scrape, aloe is your fixer upper.  A couple of weeks ago my nephew broke out in a rash on our way to New York.  I had pieces of the leaf on me and rubbed the gel on every spot, by the time we reached New York his skin was clear!

Over the past few years it seems like this plant that’s been around for many years, is now getting the recognition it deserves. You no longer have to go to plant shops or home improvement stores to purchase them, they now sell huge aloe leafs in grocery stores in some states.

When it comes to using aloe internally like with aloe juice, I would suggest purchasing the ones that are at health food stores or in the pharmacy section of your grocery store.  Dr. Axe of says that in approved commercial products, there is a certification program that validates the quality & quantity of aloe vera.

I started using it all over my skin in 2012.  I have always been into skincare so I would buy the plant from Home Depot, pick the leaf, open it up and put the gel all over then apply lotion.  It was very time consuming so that didn’t last long.  Now I am back doing it again but I only apply to my face and sometimes the back of my hands and cuticles.

On the face it acts as a mask which you can leave on for about 20 minutes and wash off.  I leave it on my face, the gel tightens up and pulls the skin which I feel will help with wrinkles and fine lines.  Once it tightens I then add oil to moisture.

I also drink aloe vera juice…………

I drink about a half a cup, and what it does for you is help alkaline the body and PH levels, it hydrates, and based on the vitamins and minerals aloe contains; A, C, E, calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium, you are sure to get a nutritional boost.

Other benefits:

-can clear up acne & scars from breakouts (gel)

-detox the liver

-great hair and scalp moisturizer

-heals cold sores

-reduces inflammation (drink)

If you have any preconditioned issues like diabetes or crohns disease, consult with your doctor or simply do your research first!


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Natural Deodorants

I started using natural deodorants once everything started making sense to me. Literally everything we put in or on our bodies affects our chemical makeup. ¬†You may think you are just rubbing on a product to absorb your sweat or stop you from sweating, but it’s deeper than that.

Just like any other product that isn’t good for, deodorants and antiperspirants contain a list of ingredients you aren’t able to pronounce or contain parabens, aluminum and other toxic ingredients that should not be entering our bodies.

Let’s briefly discuss a few common ingredients:

BHT-Butylated Hydroxytoluene…there is some evidence that this organic compound can irritate the respiratory system, and there have been animal studies showing the formation of tumors & high doses of developmental issues.

Parabens-quoted from…”parabens can mimic hormones in the body and disrupt functions of the endocrine system”

Aluminum…has been linked to breast cancer, can block your sweat glands and stop you from perspiring, and studies say that once aluminum gets into your pores and combines with your chemical makeup (DNA) it can cause changes in your cells.

These are just a few reasons why I stick to more natural products, and the two I have been using within the past 3 months are…

The most recent…

I love both of them, the latter I wanted to try because it was a spray on deodorant and I wanted to see how effective it was and I must say I works just as well as the other types.  This deodorant soothes your skin as it combats odor, allows your skin to breathe, and 99.9% of the ingredients I can pronounce and understand what they are. Products like this I am happy to put on my skin!


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Facial Wipes…Yes or No?

There are a few different ways to remove your makeup at night, you can simply wash your face with a cleansing bar which probably won’t leave your face as clean as you’d like…there will be makeup left deep down in your pores and if you aren’t scrubbing/exfoliating, or masking once a week, you are doing your skin a huge disservice.

Many have taken the route of facial wipes, makeup remover wipes, even baby wipes.

Wipes have made removing makeup a breeze, too tired to wash your face? Just grab a wipe a voila, makeup gone.  There are so many options out now, seems like every makeup brand has wipes or makeup removers.  Are these products beneficial or are they doing more damage?

My experience with facial wipes/makeup remover wipes has been a frustrating one because I was looking for an easy route to remove product from my face. ¬†I’ve tried them all it seems, ¬†and every single brand I’ve tried has done the same, make it burn around my eye area. ¬†Have you had that feeling before? ¬†If so, did you ever try to figure out why? ¬†Well I did and that’s why I am here.

I figured it had to be the citric acid, a very common factor in all wipes and the word acid just doesn’t sound good. ¬†Let’s discuss citric acid in makeup wipes…in food is a totally different story!

Citric acid in wipes…they pretty much somehow pull all types of salt from the organic acid and it goes into the wipes for several reasons, mainly to adjust the acid/base balance. ¬†For specific purposes of the salts, check out

Mostly the stuff you are unable to pronounce are salts from citric acid, then some wipes will have alcohol in them which combined with those salts seems very dehydrating for the face.

It is known that the first 5 ingredients listed are the ingredients said product contains the most. ¬†If you read some labels, alcohol will be within the first 5 ingredients. ¬†Even the soothing wipes that have aloe, cucumbers, green tea…all of them irritate my skin.

There are other great options to removing makeup such as steam, milk, actual cucumbers and of course coconut oil. ¬†I am sure there has to be a wipe brand out there that doesn’t contain citric acid, if you know of any let me know in the comments. ¬†Try another safer, healthier method of removing makeup and don’t forget to wash with a cleanser after!

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Almonds & Cocoa: What a combo!

Good morning!  I pray all is well with you all.  As always I thank you for being so patient with me, and welcome to my new followers.

This post is on my new found favorite skin moisturizing combo. ¬†Usually I just use almond oil on my skin, I have not used cocoa butter in a very long time but I had a stick in my cabinet and said “hey why not?!”, yes I said it out loud to myself lol.

Here’s a bit of background on almond oil that I found to share with you…you may or may not already know this but, almond oils popularity is big in Southeast Asia and the almond tree was domesticated in the Mediterranean region. ¬†The almond kernels and the oil that derives from them, are credited for promoting heart and skin health.

I’ve posted on almond oil before and it’s benefits but let’s review. ¬†Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E which contains loads of antioxidants. ¬†I have been doing almond oil nail soaks for a couple of years now and the benefits in that are that the zinc and b complex vitamins in almond oil help strengthen brittle nails. ¬†I also eat a serving of almonds almost everyday, the oil is rich in fatty acids, also called Oleic acids which are also found in cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter shares many similarities in benefits as almond oil as far as containing beneficial antioxidants and reducing signs of aging and scaring. Cocoa butter can serve as protection for the skin from the environment, acting as a barrier.

I use the stick because it’s in its raw form and doesn’t go on oily/greasy. ¬†I use the stick first all over my body and then add the almond oil over top to seal everything in and for an amazing glow.

With all the amazing benefits that they both share, why not double up?!  For more amazing benefits of almond oil check out and for more on cocoa butter check out

Thanks for stopping by, you all are AWESOME!

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Products I’m Lovin’…..

Good morning!¬† Happy Soothing The Soul Sunday to you all…it’s Memorial Day Weekend, but guess who’s working today and tomorrow?¬† That’s right…ME!¬† Before work today I had to put this post up, I’ve been staring at these products for a few months now so it’s time that I share them with you.


Two of the products came in an Ipsy glam bag, the other came from Target I believe.¬† Let’s start with the hand repair cream from Burt’s Bees.



If you have never tried any Burt’s Bees products, you must try their hand and nail care items.¬† I swear by the lemon cuticle cream, hand salve and now this!¬† Contains 2 prominent ingredients of cocoa butter and sesame oil, but there are other oils included like; sunflower seed oil and soybean oil.¬† When you first open up the tube and squeeze, you will get nothing but oil but just squeeze harder and the actual product will come out…..


This is all of the product you will need because when you start rubbing it will feel oily, but it actually dries like a cream.  The scent of this product is absolutely amazing, just imagine cocoa butter with a hint of rosemary.  Your hands will feel soft and smooth for hours.  This is my night time hand cream which I think is a perfect time to use it so all the ingredients can actually do their job.

Next we have…..


This is a face cleansing makeup removal gel from NUXE.¬† It came on my Ipsy glam bag, hence the reason it’s so small.¬† I was hesitant on using this product because it has too many ingredients, one being parfume/fragrance and not natural fragrance but I said I’ll try it for the people.¬† I like it!¬† It isn’t great at removing mascara but my face always feels squeaky clean afterwards yet I still wash with my facial bar after.¬† This actual product is on Amazon in the 6.7 fl oz. pump bottle for $19.¬† If you aren’t a natural product girl, I recommend it…I will be using it until it’s gone but then going back to my coconut oil!

Lastly, this product is ideal for people like myself who are free-form locers.


Another item from my Ipsy glam bag, the Style Me roots to ends hair oil from balanced guru: organic farm.¬† I say it’s ideal for free-formers because it can be hard to get to our scalps to moisturize, but this comes with an eye dropper!


Also, if you have dry to normal hair this is for you, though it does say it’s good for all hair types.¬† Aside from smelling so good, all the ingredients are certified organic ingredients. I used this bottle up quick and it’s a bit pricey, this is the 0.5 fl oz and the 1 fl oz is on Amazon for $18.99.¬†¬† If you can find if for about $12 then it’s definitely a great buy.

Thank you all so much for reading, sharing, and following…you are AWESOME!¬† Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried these products, or will try after reading this.¬† Be blessed ūüėä